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Flu Season is upon us!

Running from late fall all the way to early spring; flu season sees approximately 12,200 hospitalizations and close to 3,500 deaths in Canada every year. Many sufferers of the flu believe they have nothing more than the common cold. While symptoms of the flu are very similar to those associated with a common cold, the flu can lead to serious health problems like pneumonia.

Infants, seniors, and individuals with underlying health conditions are incredibly susceptible to complications stemming from influenza. Flu symptoms can take up to 4 days to appear after contracting the virus, and many don’t realize that they are still contagious even before the presence of symptoms.

A fever, sore throat, headache, cough, stuffy nose, or extreme fatigue can indicate that you may have caught the flu. Other symptoms include runny eyes, muscle aches, chills, and loss of appetite.

There are several ways to avoid catching and spreading the flu such as washing your hands often, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and disinfecting shared surfaces and items. The best way to protect yourself, however, is to get your flu shot.

The flu shot is safe, free, and available at many pharmacies and medical centres across the province.

Remember, the flu shot is the best way to protect yourself during flu season. So, get your free flu shot today! Visit us at any of our Imagine Health Centres locations across Alberta. You can also visit us at What’s more important than your health?


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