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Vaccinations are just as crucial to our health (if not more so) as regular check-ups, blood pressure monitoring, and blood glucose testing. Refusal or neglect of vaccinations can have a devastating impact on a population. Deaths from preventable illnesses have become more and more frequent in the news, from measles to influenza. Even so, it appears the message is not widespread enough, as vaccine-preventable illnesses are becoming more prevalent with each passing month. As such, we must be vigilant with the facts and take responsible steps as a population to protect ourselves and each other.

Our pharmacists at Imagine Health Centres are actively screening patients and implementing vaccination awareness programs to not only provide vaccinations to patients but to increase awareness to patients and non-patients alike about to value of vaccines. We encourage everyone to ask their pharmacists, nurses, and physicians about immunizations so that we become more educated as a society. Of course, there are risks that come with immunization, just as there are risks when taking prescription medication or trying a new treatment. Fortunately, when it comes to vaccinations, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Billions of dollars have been spent on improving the efficacy of medicine, with each vaccine going through rigorous evaluation and quality testing by Health Canada. Some vaccines that have recently seen significant advancement are pneumonia, meningitis, and shingles vaccines.

It is important to have trust in the governing body of our health care system. That trust coupled with the willingness to collaborate with other health professionals is how we are able to provide the absolute best care and make the most well-informed decisions regarding their health.

For an update of your vaccination history, you can call Health Link by dialling 811. Additionally, your pharmacist and physician are valuable resources for those in need of or who are interested in vaccinations for pneumonia, tetanus, Diptheria, whopping cough, shingles, human papillomavirus, meningitis, and travel-related diseases (among many others!)

Stop into your nearest Imagine Health Centres location to speak to one of our educated pharmacists about vaccine health and to learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones better.


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