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About us

Imagine Health Centres is a multidisciplinary medical centre staffed with a full selection of medical doctors, registered nurses, and other licensed specialists. Our multidisciplinary approach to healthcare incorporates the expertise of a breadth of specialists to provide the very best care for our patients. We believe people’s lives improve greatly when they have access to a myriad of tools that will enable them to properly maintain their physical well-being. We remain at the forefront of the medical clinic industry by being an innovator and provider of the highest quality healthcare services.

Our preventative approach to healthcare, coupled with a program of education to increase patient knowledge, leads to healthier and happier lives for our patients. The difference with Imagine Health Centres is that the high-quality healthcare we offer is provided by a multitude of family doctors and other medical professionals. When our physicians assess a patient’s health, they are able to consult with an entire team before they reach a conclusion. This makes it possible for them to agree on the best course of action before implementing the appropriate treatment plan for each particular case. This is not possible with the system that is in place at traditional one-doctor medical clinics.

The guiding principle of our medical centre is to deliver the finest patient care available anywhere. When you come to Imagine Health Centres, you will have access to medical doctors, clinical assistants, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and many others. We invite you to come enjoy these high-quality services in our warm and comfortable atmosphere.  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! NO MEMBERSHIP FEES!

We believe the patient is #1, above all else.

Educational Initiatives

The founders of Imagine Health Centres are health professionals educated in Alberta who hold strong beliefs that quality educational institutions are a pillar of our healthcare community and breeding grounds for our next generation of esteemed healthcare professionals. Imagine Health seeks to provide enriching health education environments and live “hands on” learning avenues to future health leaders seeking quality learning opportunities. Our unique model offers unparalleled learning opportunities to students, interns and even established healthcare professionals.

Our multidisciplinary clinics are an academic resource that acts as a training site to allow students, medical residents, physicians and other healthcare professionals in various fields to come train, gain experience and further their expertise and skill set in front line patient care.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services that address all aspects of your health.

Our Mission

Our locations

No matter which Imagine Health Centres location you choose, you can trust in our commitment to your well-being. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the highest quality of care and support you on your journey to optimal health. Schedule an appointment at the location nearest to you and discover the Imagine Health Centres difference today.

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Edmonton South

Our team of healthcare providers improves patient care outcomes. We offer a wide range of high-level services to patients through our multidisciplinary approach to providing care.

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Calgary Downtown

Our licensed physiotherapists take pride in customizing programs that will guide and support you through overcoming the challenge of your injury through examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Doctor's Visit
“The mighty Dr. Tam! He used to be my walk in doctor but now he’s my family and I’ve been seeing him for 4 years now ! He’s always quick, straight to the point, won’t prescribe you anything he doesn’t think you’ll need. The supporting staff here are awesome and friendly too. Best doctor I’ve ever had!”

Jessica D

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