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Support services to help seniors live independently at home.

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This website provides a list and information about such Seniors Programs and Services as Seniors Supports and Disability Supports, Alberta Seniors Benefit, Education Property Tax and Special Needs

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The Alzheimer Society offers education and support to caregivers and family members who have received a diagnosis of some type of dementia.

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A range of topics are discussed on this website from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia to Falling and Incontinence, to Stroke.

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A staff of practitioners with advanced certification in numerous treatment techniques provides patients with several options for rehabilitation and pain management.

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Losing independence through unsafe driving is addressed in this website which offers sound advice on sustaining independence and mobility for aging drivers. Drivers can also evaluate their driving skills through the DriveABLE program.

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A summary of senior facilities in the St. Albert area that offer independent living units to long-term care.

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An inventory of services, membership information, a plan for St. Albert seniors, and information about the St. Albert Family Working Group and Community Support Groups.

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Alberta Caregiver College® is a virtual college that teaches caregivers how to meet the needs of a loved one with an injury, illness or disability. Caregivers can be parents, spouses, other family members or friends.

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Offering a wealth of resources and support for family caregivers, including workshops specifically for those experiencing caregiver burnout.

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