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Corporate Health

Corporate Health

Productivity in a workplace is important to running a successful business, but in this day and age mental health can get in the way. We offer quick access for your employees to access mental health. We offer this as in clinic appointments or virtual appointments. We also offer group events that help employees set goals to help them prioritize what is important and tools that will help them achieve the success they are looking for. 


Pain and strain can also slow down productivity. Physiotherapy can help with this, call to book your employees in for physiotherapy today. They will be given private and one on one treatments.

Edmonton Clinic ONLY

Refer employees for Pre Employment physicals. Measure the suitability of a potential employee to a specific role. Screen potential employees for risk factors that may limit their ability to work the role. Prevent the employee from working in potentially harmful work environments. This increases Health and safety in your business. 

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