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Healthy Heart Tips

If you want to start down the path to a more positive, healthy, gratifying life, it all beings with a healthy heart! The following tips can help keep your heart happy while warding off heart-related illnesses.

Stop smoking, and if you don’t smoke, don’t start!

Staying away from smoke inhalation will offer your heart and lungs the respite they deserve. If you do smoke, you can try to manage quitting your habit gradually, but committing to ridding yourself of this habit will be a literal breath of fresh air for you and your body.

Manage your weight.

Taking care of any extra padding around your middle can greatly reduce your risk of heart-related illness. If you feel like you should start shedding weight, begin by limiting portion size, eliminating processed foods, and consulting your physician for information and advice on weight-loss strategies.

Keep your blood pressure under control.

It is important to monitor your blood pressure, especially if heart-related illnesses run in your family. If you feel your blood pressure rising, try deep breathing, meditation, or yoga to reduce stress and keep your blood pressure within normal limits.

Add Omega 3 to your diet.

Omega 3 dietary fats contain essential fatty acids that are designed to protect your heart and help lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides. These fats can be found in fish such as salmon, mackerel, and herring, as well as foods like avocados, broccoli, beans, and nuts.

Eat more monounsaturated fats.

Found in foods like avocados, olive oil, peanut butter, nuts, and sesame oil, monounsaturated fats can aid weight loss, reduce the risk of heart disease, and decrease inflammation.

Decrease the consumption of saturated fats.

Leaner cuts of meat coupled with smaller portion sizes in relation to vegetables and whole grains will make for a healthier digestive system. Additionally, cutting back on dairy or opting for low-fat options can help your digestive system and keep your arteries functioning properly.

Stay away from trans fats.

These are typically found in processed foods like shortening, margarine, pre-made dough products, and fast food. If you usually reach for shortening or margarine, try virgin coconut oil or palm oil instead!

Up your intake of dietary fibre.

Opt for whole-grain versions of bread, cereals, crackers, rice, tortillas, and pasta which have much more nutritional value than the white, refined versions.

Try heart-healthy cooking techniques.

Instead of frying foods, try baking, barbecuing, braising, broiling, poaching, sautéing, or boiling instead. You can still make delicious meals using these methods!

Exercise regularly.

Staying active can do wonders for your heart. Moderate activity like walking, biking or mowing the lawn can improve your overall health while reducing the risk of heart-related illnesses.

Take a page out of our book and start looking after your heart using these tips! Your future self will thank you!


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